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Getting access to medical marijuana has for the longest time been a complicated, inconvenient and long process. But it longer has to be that way. With us, you get easier access to this medicinal herb with the help of a medical marijuana card.

420 Evaluations Concord ensures that you get safe access to this card in a fast and efficient manner. We understand your need for cannabis to assist in your treatment and we intend to be here assisting you along with every step on your way to an easier life.


Our Process

Our three-step ensures you get your hands on a medical marijuana card in Concord

Prequalification Form

You start with filling out the prequalification form in which you state some of your basic health information and previous health records. This is will take about 10 minutes of your time.

Medical Evaluation

A professional MMJ doctor will then have an evaluation with you. Here the Doctor will evaluate your ailment and then answer any questions you have about your treatment.

Receive A Medical Marijuana Card

Congratulations! You are at the final stage. Here You finally get your hands on a medical marijuana card and gain access to various medical dispensaries throughout Concord.

The Legal State Of Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis people are often confused about its status. In Concord, California however, both recreational as well medical cannabis is legal. This means that even if you don’t have an MMJ card you can go and buy some cannabis. But if it is for medical purposes then a medical marijuana card is a necessity. For starters, most medical strains can only be accessed with it. Additionally, you also see an increase in the potency and carrying limits.

Flying With Cannabis

The rules are pretty confusing here. You can carry it as long as both the airports are in places where cannabis is legal. There is a carry restriction, however, according to which you cannot fly with more than 28.5g of marijuana and 8g of other kinds of cannabis. But there is a catch, when you are in the air you can be arrested. That does not happen but it is a possibility as the air is Federal space.

Qualifying Conditions In Concord

To get a medical marijuana card in Concord you first have to get a valid doctor’s recommendation. Since the time cannabis has become legal, the list with the qualifying condition has only grown. Some of the leading qualifying conditions are chronic pain, migraine, anorexia, AIDS, arthritis, seizures, cancer, cachexia, glaucoma, persistent muscle spasms, and any other chronic medical symptoms.

If you have any of these conditions then you are eligible to get a medical marijuana card. Some additional factors that are taken into consideration are

If not alleviated the pain may cause severe damage to a patients mental as well as physical health.

The pain inhibits a person’s ability to perform some basic but significant life functions as mentioned in the American’s With Disabilities Act of 1990.

Basically there is a wide scope that a 420 doctor covers while your evaluation, So, cannabis can be the answer to your problems, you just need to give it a try. The only problem if you don’t get a medical marijuana card is that the products in the market available to you would be less potent and of course then there are the taxes.

Benefits Of Getting A Medical Marijuana Card

We know how beneficial cannabis is when it comes to assisting in helping ease the problems that come with chronic pain.


There are some hefty taxes one has to pay for gaining access to recreational cannabis. But with an MMJ card, you don’t have to pay these taxes thus making this process cost-effective.
Possession Limit

Possession Limit

The state laws state that recreational users can carry and buy only an ounce of cannabis at a time whereas a medical marijuana cardholder can carry up to 8 times that amount. (8oz)
Health Management

Health Management

As states have legalized cannabis all the benefits of cannabis have come to the forefront. Cannabis is effective in treating a variety of physical as well as psychological disabilities.
Age Restriction

Age Restriction

The age at which you can buy recreational cannabis is 21 but with a medical cannabis card, anyone over the age of 18 can gain access to medical cannabis without any hassles.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Complete Your Evaluation In Minutes

The path to a better, convenient and easy medical marijuana card is with us. Our professional, trusted and reliable team will get your evaluation at the earliest.

Gain Access To Dispensaries

The products available at a recreational dispensary are not as potent and effective as a medical dispensary. The only way to go to one is with a medical marijuana card.

Lower Taxes

California taxes can be anywhere from 20 %-40%. With a medical marijuana card, you don’t have to pay this high tax on any of the purchases you make at the dispensary.

Peace Of Mind

We give you the quickest, easiest and most legit way to get medical marijuana evaluation without any causing any inconvenience along the way.

Driving With Marijuana In Concord

The driving cannabis laws in the State of California are similar to the ones that are in place for driving under the influence of alcohol. So, under the California Vehicle Code 23222 (b) VC, which came under effect on January st, 2018 you cannot drive under the influence of any controlled substance( cannabis and alcohol).

Another thing you cannot do is drive with loose cannabis in the car. Otherwise, you might be fined for up to $100, The law also states that one can only possess and drive with cannabis if they are over the age of 21. The marijuana needs to have a proper seal and the seal should not be tampered with. As far as carrying limits go, for a recreational user they remain up to one ounce of cannabis and 8g of any kind of concentrate. But there is another catch. The code cannot be put into effect if the person is carrying medical marijuana. There are laws in place for people who are traveling with 420 medicine, You can not, however still cross state lines as marijuana is a controlled substance.

Pricing Plan

Apply Today And Get Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation


  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.


  • You will get a digital copy and a physical medical marijuana card.
  • Get one-year validity to buying from any state-licensed marijuana dispensaries.


  • You will get a digital copy of a medical marijuana card.
  • Get one-year validity for accessing medical marijuana products for your medical condition.


  • Extend your growing limits to approximately 100 square feet.
  • You can grow quality medical marijuana strains for managing your medical condition.
+$20 Extra For Plastic Photo ID Card