Is it a Good Idea to Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

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Congratulate yourself on making a great decision of growing marijuana plants at home. This will ensure you high-quality marijuana buds for managing your condition. Plus, you will be able to reduce that anxiety you have while seeing an empty bag.

You might have read all the rules and regulations for cannabis cultivation at home and got your medical marijuana card in California. Now, you are confused about making the most important decision—whether to grow marijuana outdoors or indoors? Which is better? Let’s shed light on both the methods and figure out which one is the best.

Marijuana Indoor Growing

As the name suggests, it involves growing marijuana plants indoors. You can create a grower room at home, and maintain lighting, temperature, water levels, etc. to create the right growing environment. Whether you talk about lightings or expensive temperature control systems, indoor growing is a long-term investment. Plus, you have to make more efforts for managing your plants.

One major advantage of indoor growing is that you can choose the location with minimal constraints and have complete control over your grow environment.

Marijuana Outdoor Growing

Outdoor growing allows you to choose a cool, dry area with fresh air, and produce high-quality marijuana plants. It can yield huge harvests. For outdoor growing, you should choose the right spot where you can bring water easily and has at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. You can grow marijuana plants in your garden or in the balcony.

Outdoor grow environment can help you keep mites away, which may flourish in the indoor space easily. Moreover, many growers prefer not to use harmful chemicals and pesticides, thus choose outdoor growing to get their products cultivated organically.

Outdoor Growing is Better

Here are some reasons why you should grow marijuana plants outdoors-

High-Quality Buds

Natural soil, sunlight, and fresh air allow you to produce high-quality buds with a distinct flavor. The buds grown outdoor are smooth to smoke and don’t give a bad headache as poor quality buds do. Thus, producing greener buds outdoors is way better, and it provides more satisfaction.

Moreover, with the help of the sun and CO2, the cannabis plants are able to produce large buds, thus higher yield. With 5-7 plants, you are able to get the year’s worth supply of marijuana. This is good if you are using cannabis for medical purposes.


When you are growing marijuana plants indoors, you require lights, ventilation systems, and other devices, which increase your home’s energy consumption, thus increasing electricity bills. In California, on average, 8% of a household’s energy consumption goes to cultivating cannabis plants. It is equivalent to using 200 pounds of coal for producing a pound of marijuana.

Additionally, outdoor growing uses the natural sun and air, and it doesn’t produce any carbon footprint. Thus, by growing your plants in the outdoor space, you contribute to save the planet.


When it comes to growing your own marijuana plants, security comes as a major issue. That’s why marijuana cultivation shifted indoors, but choosing a suitable outdoor location can help you ensure more security. Why so? If you own an outdoor garden, it would not be easier to trace, as compared to an indoor one. In case of getting caught, you can prevent the charges by denying marijuana cultivation. On the other hand, if you are growing indoors, you can’t deny it at any cost. Thus, growing marijuana plants outdoors is safer and more relaxing than indoor growing.


Another major benefit of growing cannabis plants in an outdoor space is that it’s affordable. The sunlight is free, and your plants get amazing, better sunshine as compared to those grown in indoor spaces. Other free ingredients your plants will get are fresh air, rainwater, and CO2.

Moreover, you require less efforts to take care of your plants. No need to remember turning on/off lights and fans. You don’t need to be an expert grower, just get some good seeds and do proper care for germinating them. After they sprout, the growing process will start itself. However, to increase the yield and quality of the buds, you need to learn some effective growing techniques. Even by doing the least amount of efforts, you will be able to make a great difference.


Growing cannabis plants at home ensures you get high-quality marijuana for managing your symptoms. Outdoor growing has more benefits over indoor growing. You don’t need to purchase ventilation systems, lights, etc. as the natural sunlight and fresh air will help you produce larger buds. No need to use electronic devices for maintaining proper environmental conditions, no extra energy consumption, thus no extra energy consumption and electricity bills. When growing marijuana plants in the outdoor space, you won’t be using any harmful chemicals and pesticides, thus you can contribute to save the plant.

For producing greener, larger buds, learn new, effective marijuana growing techniques by reading online blogs and watching YouTube videos.


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